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The Buch Church Organ Company has been building church organs since 1957; being an Authorized Rodgers Organ dealer for more than 50 of those years. In 2019, the Buch Organ Company began representing the Global Organ Group brands, which includes the amazing Johannus family of instruments. As you will notice, there are many styles of consoles, audio systems and appearances; customization is also possible with myriad options. Let’s build one for you or your church.



  American Classic Church Organ

The American Classic 770 is one of the newest crown jewels in the
Johannus family. Draped in a console fit for a king, this majestic organ
is adorned with seven divisions, graced with an astonishing number of
voices and enriched with such a full range of orchestrals that the unique 64-foot Diaphone seems merely an encore. 

For concerts, practice or accompaniment, the uncompromising American Classic 770 from Johannus checks off every item on the American organist’s wish list. This instrument is suited to the whole range of organ music.

99 voices

The robust, wooden cabinet is solid and impressive. Its craftsmanship and quality are unmistakable.  The organ also has seven orchestral voices, plus at least 40 MIDI voices. 

The imposing sound of a fine organ emerges from the organ’s 76 speaker drivers. 28 perfectly balanced external speaker cabinets ensure that even the sweetest flutes mix harmoniously with the deepest-bellowing pedal tones.  What you hear is not a simulation, but rather the pure speech of pipes.

Twelve organs

 The American Classic 770 has three different organ styles, romantic, symphonic and baroque; and in each style you can choose from one of four different variations. So with the American Classic 770, you have twelve different organs at your fingertips.

The feel and sound of a pipe organ

The American Classic 770 operates just like a conventional pipe organ. Without having to study a complicated user manual, you can use the built-in capture system to easily change the preprogrammed registration. Make full use of the resources provided by 111 ranks of sampled pipes. Let the Sifflet frolic in the choir, give the Sesquialtera a melody of pure silver, and don’t forget to unleash the powerful 32’ Subbass to roll through the church. Bask in the nuanced sounds of a pipe organ recreated by LiveTune technology.

Twelve unique reverbs

The last chord is approaching; just four more measures, then three, then two, then it’s there. You hold the last chord and then release. The reverb, which gracefully enhanced the sound throughout the performance, once again rolls through the hall. But was that a concert hall, a great cathedral, or an intimate chapel? With the ASR-12™ reverb system, you can choose between twelve unique rooms.

More than just a church organ.

Based on the revolutionary T9000 system developed by Johannus, the American Classic 770 is certainly a full-fledged church organ, but it is also much more than that. The American Classic 770 is the absolute realization of the American musical dream. 

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  Ecclesia Church Organ

From the Greek word meaning “the called out ones,” the impressive Ecclesia series is Johannus’ church organ at its very best. This digital church organ is available in three different models. These instruments are powerful enough to fill every nook and cranny of the church with rousing pipe-organ music.

The Ecclesia organs come with a balanced stoplist made up of stops that Johannus has hand-picked and recorded. The stops are from famous organs from around the world, and are sampled with the highest quality standards. DS-core, the extremely modern and advanced operating system at the heart of the Ecclesia organs, ensures that all of these different stops yield a sound of unprecedented quality. This makes playing an Ecclesia organ an incredibly inspiring and authentic experience.

The D-577, with its 16.3 audio system, will exceed even the largest of venues with its mighty sound.  From supporting a solo singer to accompanying massed congregational singing, the Ecclesia D-577 can do it all. This impressive organ comes with four manuals and no fewer than 80 stops, all of which can be operated by means of illuminated drawknobs.

The D-477,with its 65 illuminated drawknobs and three manuals, the Ecclesia D-477 is capable of bringing congregational singing in larger spaces to a higher level. The 12.3 audio system optimizes the channeling of the sound, and the clear and comprehensive stop panels provide the player with endless opportunities for variety and exploration.

The three-manual Ecclesia T-377 comes with 56 stops that can be operated by means of illuminated stop tabs. The instrument’s balanced 8.2 audio system magnificently interprets the entire sound spectrum. This organ is ideal for accompanying smaller groups of people in medium-sized spaces.

All Ecclesia organs include the styles Romantic, Symphonic, Baroque and Historic. One may choose a finish color that matches the interior of your church. One can also expand your organ with elegantly crafted side panels and wooden draw knobs, you can add brass toe studs, or you can opt for extra orchestral voices.

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Playing a full church organ is every organist’s dream… but not every organist has 24/7 access to a pipe organ. The Johannus LiVE builds a historic bridge between the musical experience of the classic pipe organ and your own home.

The Johannus LiVE is a high-quality digital organ that comes with sample sets, allowing you to play on dozens of international pipe organs. The sample sets are uploaded into the digital organ via USB drive. Each thumb drive contains the authentic, professional recordings of a specific international pipe organ. The highest standards for digital audio are used to play the sampled sounds. This audio experience allows the Johannus LiVE to give you the feeling of playing a true-to-life, actual pipe organ.

For each sample, that authentic, high-quality sound can be played from four different positions within the church. The first position places you in the organist’s seat. The direct transmission of sound dominates the experience, while the spatial acoustics are secondary. The second position sets you in the audience, close to the front of the organ. The reverb is already coming into play, but the direct sound is still the primary focus. In the third position, you are placed right in the middle of the church, where sound and reverb meld as if you were in a CD recording. The fourth position places you in the back of the church, beyond the scope of the reverb.

Every register on the Johannus LiVE comes with a small dynamic display that allows you to switch effortlessly between the stoplists of various pipe organs. To illustrate: the register that indicates a Principal 4’ on the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Église Notre-Dame d’Auteuil in Paris is a Gemshorn 4’ on the Bätz-orgel in the Dom cathedral in Utrecht. The displays show the appropriate stoplist depending on which organ is currently being played. The registers are arranged by operating the wooden drawknobs, approximating the same experience as playing the selected authentic pipe organ.

The combination of a physical stoplist with actual drawknobs and an authentic, superb sound make the Johannus LiVE a fully fledged organ. A unique sound experience that meets the highest standards for digital audio and the option of playing dozens of actual pipe organs add the finishing touches to your experience. Play the world’s most beautiful organs from your own living room.

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  Vivaldi Series Home Organs

The new two-manual and three-manual Vivaldis are based on an advanced music technology concept. The phenomenal sound produced by these organs is generated by Real Time Sampling, the best technology for reproducing the original sound of a pipe organ. Thanks to the integrated LIVEreverb system, it can even convey the acoustics of a resounding basilica. Choose one of twelve unique reverbs, from famous cathedrals and intimate chapels to modern churches.

The Vivaldi 270 and 370 include the elegant Johannus audio system. Although the Vivaldi 270 has fifteen speakers and the Vivaldi 370 has nineteen, we managed to integrate them all into the organ console itself, making external speakers completely unnecessary. The system brings the organist into both the presence and the enveloping power of the pipe organ.

Besides its 60 regular organ voices, the Vivaldi 370 includes a broad spectrum of additional orchestral voices, including a harp, a trumpet, a carillon, a gospel organ, a piano and strings. The 42 organ voices of the Vivaldi 270 have also been enhanced by the addition of orchestral voices. The high-quality integrated tweeters ensure that each individual instrument sounds its very best.

With the new Vivaldi, the organist has not one but four organs at his disposal. Both models come with four complete sample sets: American classic, symphonic, baroque and historical. The Vivaldi presents a subtle convergence of American and European musical traditions.

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Opus Series Home Organs

The Opus is an organ for every enthusiast, in two versions. The two-manual Opus 277 provides you with a stoplist including 36 stops. The three-manual Opus 377, the showpiece of the series, comes with no less than 42 stops.

Beneath the manuals of both organs, there is a 32-tone radiating concave pedal board (AGO standard), as well as three programmable expression pedals. What is more, the Opus 277 comes with three brass toe studs, while the Opus 377 is equipped with six brass toe studs. Both organs feature two additional orchestral voices as standard: a trumpet and a pan flute.

To achieve the beautiful organ sounds of the Opus series, our sound engineers use the Harmonic Contour Sampling method. They first make high-quality recordings of renowned pipe organs. Then they make a selection of the most beautiful sounding pipes in a rank. The quality of these pipes forms the foundation of the entire organ stop. This advanced sampling method allows you to enjoy the best sound quality of these impressive pipe organs. On every note of every stop.

The Opus organs feature four different sample styles available as standard. There are American Classic sample style, the symphonic, baroque, and historic sample styles. Each of them having their own beautiful, high-quality samples and character.

In order to convey the sound of authentic pipe organs as pure and realistically as possible, these multi-channel Opus organs come equipped with a top-quality audio system. The various stops and pitches are distributed across the loudspeakers in a way that simulates the sound distribution of an actual pipe organ. A headphone is also available for “silent” practice.

By a clever application of the reverb, our SSE™ (Spatial Sound Experience) technology creates the sensation of standing in for example a concert hall, chapel or church, right in front of the organ’s pipes – enabling you to enjoy your own playing to the full.

The Opus 277 and 377 are available in six colors, meaning that there’s always a color that suits your taste and interior.

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Studio Series Home Organs

The Studio is a complete organ that, like all other Johannus organs, produces a sound of the highest quality, while also very accessible and affordable. For professional organists who practice and study every day, but also for amateur organists who are just getting their first lessons. The name says it all; the Studio organ.

The modern console boasts a sleek, compact design and comes in four
beautiful colors: Light Riverside, Black North Wood, Nautilus Teak, and Wenge. Because of its small footprint, the organ may also find a spot in smaller music and living rooms.

The Studio 170 and 370 feature 28 and 37 stops respectively, but the variety does not stop there. After all, each stop can be played in four different styles: romantic style, baroque style, symphonic style or historic style of the pre-baroque.

The Studio 170 and 370 each feature 12 unique reverb programs as well, which lets you augment your organ playing with virtually any acoustic effect, whether an intimate chapel or even sitting at the manuals of an organ in an ancient cathedral.

With all these possibilities, the Studio offers unparalleled versatility to novice and advanced organists. High-quality sound, respectable dispositions, various styles and multiple reverb programs, all packed in a compact console at an accessible price.

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