Design and Install

A Buch Organ is custom designed for your church

Since 1957, the success of the Buch Organ Company can be attributed to following our mission statement: “determine the musical, acoustical and architectural requirements of each prospective client, then design and install a custom organ to meet those requirements and provide excellent maintenance service.”

Initially, we will meet with you to discuss your musical requirements, both current and with a view to the future. We will ASK about any shortcomings that exist with your present instrument (condition, location, console placement, etc.) and will NOTE any challenges you may have with regard to the structure, acoustics or other matters. If you are building a new church or renovating an existing space, we will offer to meet with your architects and designers at no charge, to assist them in making the proper preparations for the installation of your church’s organ.

Following this initial survey, we would schedule a meeting with the committee at the church to LISTEN to their input on any problems and DISCUSS some possible solutions. At this time, we will share some ideas on the current installation and how we might creatively approach solutions in a new installation. We will also share a few ideas on some possible organs in order to begin the selection process.

At this point, we encourage a VISIT to our showroom and some of our current installations to help refine the committee’s direction before we PRESENT an Organ Installation Proposal. As you can see, being guided by you and your committee, we are able to direct you to the right organ and CUSTOM DESIGN its installation to the needs and requirements you have shared with us. Whether it is a pipe organ, pipe/digital combination or all digital organ, your input is valuable to us throughout the design process.

At Buch Organs, we handle the complete installation of all of our organs

  • If your church is being built, we will consult with your architect to assist in the design of the proper space and requirements for the organ.
  • Sometimes a church will need structural changes to accommodate a new organ. If your church does not have the personnel to make those changes, we can provide craftsmen who excel in the art of building restoration. They are able to handle modifications ranging in scope from building a cabinet to renovating an entire sanctuary.
  • Our digital/electronics technicians are precise and complete in their work. Although all cables and parts are installed out of sight, the work is done as neatly as if it were in open view.
  • Each pipe in our organs is a finely wrought musical instrument. The metal pipes are made by the finest and most prestigious pipe building firms. Wood pipes are also handcrafted to exact specifications. They use only the finest walnut and maple woods for good aesthetic appearance and superior sound.
  • During installation, each pipe, whether metal or wood, is adjusted – called “tonal finishing” – so that it speaks with absolute purity and beauty.
  • Windchests on which the pipes are set are made of the finest clear woods. The windchests are designed for eye appeal as well as function. They are also built to withstand the inevitable temperature changes throughout the year, a feature which helps reduce service costs.
  • Speakers are the voice of a church organ’s digital components. We use many different types of speakers built especially for organ sound. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach because no single configuration can handle all the acoustical and aesthetic requirements of a custom designed installation. All speakers are built for heavy duty use, with the range to reproduce the nuances of organ sound and the strength to stand up to any style of playing.

After the organ has been installed…

We will assist the organist(s) in learning the new features of the organ at your church or in our showroom. We are only a toll-free phone call away if an organist has a question. We also provide workshops from time to time. Service when required is only a phone call away.