Service and Warranty

Church Organ Service – Pipe, Digital or Combination

Church Organ Service inquiries, please call us at 1-800-242-3901. For the quickest emergency service, please email us through our contact form on our website.

Buch Organ Company seeks to provide the most dependable church organs and church organ service available today. Our technicians can provide service for most church organs, whether they are Pipe Organs, Digital or Electronic Organs or Combination Pipe/Digital hybrids.

Buch Church Organ Company intends to provide exceptional church organ service for all of our clients, even if we did not install the organ originally. Proper church organ service at the proper time will keep your organ sounding just the way it sounded at its dedication service. There are some manufacturers that we cannot provide service for, due to the proprietary nature of their parts departments.

Whether you have a service problem or simply want to ask a question about your church organ service needs or your organ’s capabilities, Buch Organ Company is just a toll-free call away. You may also email your service needs through the contact form on our website.

Does Buch Organs provide emergency service?

Yes, in cases where church organ service was required in an emergency, we have been able to provide that service over 95% of the time. Situations where an organ was hit by lightning and was destroyed or required extensive repair, we, as any other church organ service company, were unable to make the repair immediately.

Does the Organ we purchase from Buch carry any warranties?

Many of the component parts of a Custom Buch Organ carry 10 year limited warranties by their manufacturer.

Rodgers Instruments Corporation musical instruments carry a 10 year limited warranty.

Custom built consoles and pipe organs by Buch Organs or our associated builders carry a five year warranty against fault or defective material. Please see your warranty or contract for details and exclusions.

In addition to manufacturer’s warranties, Buch Organs provides a 2 year service warranty, except tuning, with the purchase of a new Buch Organ.