Custom Church Organs

Custom Church Organs

 Buch Organ Company is fortunate in that we have many associates whom we trust and who trust us in the area of custom organ builds, whether it be a new pipe organ, rebuilding or restoring an older pipe organ, adding digital voices to an existing pipe organ, adding pipes to a digital organ. We also have the ability to design custom new pipe organs, new digital organs or new hybrid organs.

R. A. Colby Organ Builders, Inc. Initially, R. A. Colby was engaged to provide some of the custom millwork needed in many organ installations, including Consoles and Pipe Facades. Other components began to be ordered and the working relationship of Buch Organs and R.A. Colby deepened.

R.A. Colby began in 1974 as an adjunct to a major Pipe Organ Builder, the firm began as a supplier of specialized electrical components to the trade under the name of Kimber-Allen, Inc. Relocation to Tennessee in 1979 saw the growth of the supply endeavors and expansion of the product line to include component construction for the organ building trade.

By 1984, the main focus of the company had become the design and construction of custom components for the pipe organ industry. As a result, the company transitioned to the present name of R.A. Colby, Inc. As the offerings of the company grew, so did acceptance by the industry. A dedicated floor space was constructed in 2001 to house a new, state of the art, large format computer controlled router along with our existing smaller format CNC router, computer controlled lathe, and computer controlled laser.

This commitment to unsurpassed quality has seen R.A. Colby develop from a small mail order supply house to a major builder of components and complete instruments. One of the most exciting aspects of representing R.A. Colby is the fact that, literally, anything is possible. That statement is not made lightly and a tremendous amount of resources has been invested in making the “impossible” possible.

Among are other associates for custom organ builds and/or components are Copeman and Hart, a member of the Global Organ Group.  Copeman and Hart specialize in the English style of organ building and hybrid builds. Download the brochure below to see the amazing work and read their impressive story.

The Buch Organ Company is also please to consider Walker Technical Company as one of our historic associations, having designed a good number of Walker organs in the area.  The Walker Technical Company considers their primary mission to be a servant of the pipe organ industry, in much the same way as their English counterpart, Copeman and Hart.  We continue to maintain a good working relationship with Walker Technical.

Finally, the most important association we have is with local pipe organ firms and technicians. In the 21st century, the imperative to have expertise in the areas of historic pipe organ construction, digital and audio engineering as well as organ performance, has caused our relationships to grow in this area.

If you are looking for a custom organ build, regardless of the type, we are your primary source and would love to work with you.

Download the Copeman & Hart Brochure 

Sell Chapel, Elizabethtown

Custom Digital Organ, specification and design by Buch Organs, LLC. Top grade Oak console with Bird’s Eye Maple interior, 3 manuals, 6 divisions (Great, Choir, Swell, Solo, Antiphonal, Pedal), Walker Paradox control system with 66 POET IV voices, 200 memories, complete MIDI system with rack-mounted sound module, Syndyne Pro-filer Sequencer. The organ also features a custom 22-channel audio system with 5,000 watts of power. Please call or email for further description of this organ.

Faith United Church of Christ, York, PA

Custom Casework and Speaking Facade by Buch Organs interfaced with Rodgers Digital voices.

Mt. St. Mary’s University

Mt. Saint Mary’s University, Seminary. Custom console and casework by Buch Associate, R. A. Colby, Inc. Digital voices by Walker Technical Company.

Custom Consoles

View our custom console portfolio.