Walt S., Rodgers 599 residence organ

Thank you Rodgers [Instruments] Corp. for a fantastic musical instrument. If I was ‘happy’ with my C-330, I’m over ecstatic with the musical capabilities and bells and whistles (which I’m still discovering) of the 599. Thanks go to Doug Wimer of Buch Organs for assisting me and leading me in the 599’s direction. There couldn’t be a nicer guy in the organ business, and I’m glad he’s in our area.
Thanks again,
Walt S.

Sell Chapel, Masonic Villages, Elizabethtown

The new organ is fantastic! I love it! – Organist Margaret R.


Bethany United Church of Christ, Ephrata, PA

“I have to admit it…I’m a believer now! Of all the organs, Rodgers really has the pipe sound.” -Barry R., choirmember

“I took the liberty of crawling up in the organ chambers to see how Buch Organ Company installed this organ…I have to tell you that this is a work of art! This is exactly how it should be done and is why the organ has such wonderful sound and presence in the room!” – (Comment live by Hector Olivera during dedication concert.)

Ephrata Manor, Ephrata, PA

“The ladies are really loving the new organ. They are also excited about the lessons Buch has offered in using the organ. In fact, it has inspired me to learn to play it! Thank you so much.”

Organ Committee, Salem Lutheran Church, Lititz, PA

“Special thanks to Doug Wimer of Buch Organ Company for his professionalism and dedication. From our first meeting with him to the dedicatory recital, Doug’s help and guidance has been immeasurable.”

Thanks to Rodgers Instruments Corporation for building a superb instrument that enhances Salem’s worship services both musically and aesthetically.”

Tom I., Lebanon, PA

Years ago, when I decided to purchase an organ for my home, I made considerable effort to examine the various products being offered by several major organ builders. After much comparison and evaluation, I became thoroughly convinced that the Rodgers firm offered the most satisfactory instrument for my needs. Fortunately the Buch Organ Company was able to provide the particular model I preferred. This organ proved quite satisfactory throughout its many years of ownership; however, I recently became fascinated with the digital technology now available on organs, and once again I investigated what was on the market. Having been extremely pleased with my dealings with the Buch firm, I once again found Doug Wimer and Fred Buch able to provide all the information I needed about the latest models. Mr. Wimer proved especially knowledgeable in explaining the various features of the new Rodgers model 558, and I immediately knew that I had to order and own this particular instrument.

I anxiously awaited its arrival and the opportunity to experiment with this new “toy.” It finally made its way to my living room and, after checking to determine that the organ was properly installed, Mr. Wimer further demonstrated its amazing versatility. After that “lesson” I found myself virtually unable to drag myself away from the console. It’s a simply amazing instrument with extraordinarily fine sound, and the console is so very comfortable. It certainly offers a wealth of innovative features which are so readily manageable and convenient. I would highly recommend the Rodgers model 558 for either home or church use.

William S., St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Morgantown, PA

“Words can hardly express our complete satisfaction with the new Rodgers Insignia organ we took delivery on in November 2010. Doug Wimer, the president of Buch Organs LLC, took a very personal interest in the installation, and has made it his personal goal to see that the instrument is as perfect as humanly possible. Also, Doug offered the organ at a very attractive price, and was willing to work out favorable financing terms for us.

The organ itself is an electronic marvel. It accurately plays notes recorded from a real pipe organ, and its lush, rich tones are a delight to all who hear it.

I can unhesitatingly recommend Buch Organs to any congregation, or private individual, looking for a fine instrument with great service after the sale.”

Jill W., St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Morgantown, PA

“We are a small church with a limited budget, and Buch Organs was able to accommodate our needs with an excellent organ at a very reasonable price. The installation and fine-tuning of the organ was impeccably done, and we are delighted with the result. I would definitely recommend the company.”

Kirk and Eric G., Lititz, PA

Eric & I would like to say “Thank You” for a dream come true. The two of you did everything in your power to get us a new Rodgers Organ, and we will always be grateful to the two of you for making it happen. We waited along time to have a new church organ in our house, and now we have one.
This organ will help Eric to continue his organ studies, and help me to practice more at home. This new Organ has so much to offer to help Eric with the Organ studies, and this Organ will also help Eric to grow and become a good Organist with daily practice. I think the both or you see there is hope for Eric to become a good Organist, and now it will happen with your new Rodgers Organ. Again Eric and I would like to say THANK YOU for all your hard work in making a dream come true.

William B., Minister of Music, Zelienople, PA

Just a note to say I played your installation at Faith Lutheran Church in Lewisburg and couldn’t tell that it wasn’t a pipe organ! Wonderful sound and feel. Congratulations!