Combining the centuries-old art of church organ building with 21st century technologies!

Located in Lancaster County, the Buch Church Organ Company was founded in 1957 by Fred N. Buch at its present location in the Lincoln section of Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

In the early years, the Company specialized exclusively in pipe organ work, building a few very fine small pipe organs, then the company associated with the famous Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company of Boston. In that capacity, Buch Organ Company served a five-state area, designing and installing several fine “Skinner” organs.

Many churches began to consult with Buch Church Organ Company regarding custom designed electronic organs. In 1972, applying the same custom detail from their pipe organ experience to electronic organs, Buch became a representative for the Rodgers Instruments US LLC of Hillsboro, Oregon.

Sensing a desire for custom digital additions to pipe organs, Fred Buch and Robert Walker, long-time associates, began providing their own pipe/digital instruments in addition to the fine Rodgers Organs.

In 2008, Douglas M. Wimer, a Master’s graduate of Westminster Choir College, joined Buch Church Organ Company to work exclusively with the Rodgers Instruments. In 2009, Buch Organs, LLC was established to assume leadership of the Buch Church Organ Company and has expanded the representation to include the Global Organ Group, KEF US Audio and R. A. Colby, Inc. The Global Organ Group brings to Buch Organ Company the fine instruments and resources of Copeman Hart & Company, Ltd., Makin Organs and Johannus Organs.

The 63 years of success of the Buch Organ Company can be attributed to following our three-fold mission statement:

  • Determine the musical, acoustical and architectural requirements of each church
  • Design and install a custom organ to meet those requirements at a very reasonable price
  • Provide excellent maintenance service

At Buch Organs, we are church organists and will listen to your desires and concerns then recommend the organ and installation that will best meet your goals and requirements.

Douglas M. Wimer, President

  • B.S., B. Mus. Piano Performance, B. Mus. Voice Performance
  • M. Mus. Organ Performance, Westminster Choir College 1988
  • Church Musician since 1985
  • Currently Organist/Choirmaster, St. Stephen Reformed Church, New Holland, PA