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    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Mechanicsburg, PA

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    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church is an active and growing church in the greater Harrisburg area. While planning renovations to update the church interior, the subject of the updating the organ entered the discussion. Both organist and priest of the church had heard of the new Rodgers Infinity organs and requested a demonstration. Both were immediately stunned and impressed by both the sound, the versatility and programmability of these amazing next generation instruments.

    At issue in the installation is the unique construction of the nave. Imagine a large rectangular floor plan bisected by the diagonal, creating a triangular foot print with a very long front wall, the center of which is the sanctuary in Catholic parlance. The original 1960’s design placed two organ chambers on this long front wall to either side of the sanctuary. Since interior renovations are still under planning, the idea was to envision the final location for the organ but utilize the existing chambers now until the renovations are complete.

    While there were originally two organ chambers, a third audio chamber was placed in the peak of the nave where a couple large horn speakers resided. Buch Organ Company saw that this high chamber would be ideal for a festival reed division and decided to incorporate it in the pre-renovation design. It simply needed to be enclosed as an organ chamber.

    For each of the organ’s main chambers, Buch Organ Company specified the entire 8-channel main divisions of the Rodgers Infinity 361 to be duplicated in each of these chambers. After interior renovations, it would be split into a 16-channel main organ by a few minutes of programming. Coupled with the two-channel Solo Division in the peak, the entire organ would be on 18-channels of audio, utilizing Rodgers FR 1 Kevlar-coned speakers and Crown Digital Comtech DriveCore amps.

    Felix Hell played the dedication recital to an enthusiastic crowd, also stunned by the realism and vast resources of the Infinity 361.

    The priest of the parish says there is not a Sunday goes by that organist Steve hasn’t uncovered some marvelous new sound combination to the delight of the whole church. A truly amazing instrument!

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