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    Rodgers Artist 589 Church Organ

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    The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Cornwall, PA are very happy owners of a new Rodgers Artist Series 589 church organ. Cornwall is a small mining town in Southern Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, and was the location of a colonial iron furnace. The original congregation was from 1848, but this burgeoning parish had outgrown its historic 1886 building. The new church was designed to look very similar both in architecture and finishes, though with more modern amenities as well as space.

    During the construction of the new building, Buch Organ Company was pleased to work with Dennis Sowers of SGS Architects and Arthur Funk and Sons Construction, Inc. in the design and construction of the organ loft, chambers (framing, size and surfaces), tonal opening coverings and trim. When the construction was complete, Buch Organs Associates began the balcony installation of the organ, finishing of the chamber areas, installation of the Cantoral support division and the tonal finishing of the entire organ.

    In this installation, the Rodgers Artist Series 589, a three-manual, 282 stop church organ, utilizes 12 high fidelity audio speakers powered by 1200 watts of amplification in a classic arrangement of sound dispersion from the balcony. The Great and Pedal Divisions flank a forward leaning Positiv, with the Swell in the peak of the chambers. A separate Cantoral system was installed in the front of the church, framing the Sanctuary area, where the Cantor presents the liturgy for Masses.

    The three organists who play for the church are not only thrilled with the authentic pipe organ sound and exquisite finishing of the instrument, but are also delighting in the use of USB memory.  Each organist, with their own “thumb drive,” merely inserts their drive into the organ to recall all of their own settings. Each USB stores the entire memory systems 26 times – the equivalent of 520 memories per USB. There are no worries of erasing each others settings anymore.

    Another feature that is particular useful for the organists are the “audio maps.”  The organ can store an array of audio system parameters for instant recall by the combination action; so, whether the organ is to accompany a soloist in the balcony, the Cantor in the Sanctuary, the choir in the loft or accompany a large congregation, the change to the appropriate systems and balance is instantaneous.

    The parishioners and organists can now enjoy their new building and the beautifully authentic sound of their new Rodgers Artist Series 589.

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