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Rodgers 599 Residence Organ

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Giving due consideration to all the options, Organist Bob decided on the Rodgers Artist Series 599 for his home, actually his “organ cave.” Bob is what one might call an audiophile and “organo-phile.” ┬áHaving heard and played many Rodgers Organs, it was a fairly simple choice. The question was, can Rodgers make the 599 in a deep cherry finish? The truth is, whatever finish you want, Rodgers will match, though we did not have to go that far. You see Rodgers Instruments has a stock of custom finishes and the deep, burgundy (usually on cherry or mahogany) is one of them.

Bob also possesses his own speaker systems, as well as a few virtual organs that needed to be compatible with the organ he chose. After a day at the Buch showroom and putting the 599 through all his tests, the decision was confirmed. Delivery was actually quite easy, though getting the organ to the loft above the garage – eh, not so much. However, it was accomplished and now Bob enjoys his own three manual organ at home to practice for Sunday mornings.

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