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    Cedar Grove Presbyterian Church, East Earl, PA

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    Cedar Grove Presbyterian Church is a small semi-rural congregation just outside of New Holland, PA.  Having owned a Rodgers Organ for the past 43 years, Associate Organist Mr. Weaver felt it was a good time to update to a new digital organ. Upon hearing the Masterpiece Signature 234B in the Buch Organ Company’s showroom, he was convinced that this would be the next organ the church would install.

    The church is very small and very old, with no organ chambers, necessitating that the audio system would be visible but should not be distracting. Also, the church is lively and a good singing group that is accustomed to a strong organ accompaniment. This would be the challenge for any new installation.

    Buch Organ Company carefully removed the vintage Rodgers 220 organ, which will show on our used organ page shortly. It was more of challenge to remove the speaker cabinets that were hanging from the ceiling at the front corners of the church! Buch installers were able to patch walls, fill holes, remove unsightly wiring so that the result is a much cleaner installation.

    At the time of this post, the voicing and tonal finishing is a few days away.  All indications are that this will prove to be another spectacular Rodgers installation, with all the warmth, charm and character that captivated Mr. Weaver when he first heard it.

    A dedication concert is planned for May 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm, where well-known concert and church organist Richard Van Auken will perform a variety of works which will also include the accompaniment of hymns, the organ’s first duty.

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